About Us

Our team at Eatons Quality Medical & Skin Cancer Centre is committed to providing a quality family medical service that is focused on comprehensive and long-term doctor-patient relationships and whole person care.

We strive to build lifetime relationships between doctors and patients, so you are comfortable in sharing all of your health concerns, whether that be physical, emotional or mental.  The result is far more effective in health care.

At Eatons Quality Medical & Skin Cancer Centre all doctors can access your health records and provide the same level of care that you would receive from your regular GP. 

Patient Information Brochure

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After Hours

When the Surgery is Closed, call 24/7 Doctor service.

Skin Clinic

Our Skin clinic is running by experienced accredited skin cancer doctors (you could locate skin cancer doctors from Skin Cancer college of Australasia website on: https://www.skincancercollege.org/locate-a-doctor/

Each biopsy costs $ 20 and in case of need for specific procedures (such as grafts or flaps, melanoma excision etc.…) and for high cosmetic sensitive areas including face and limbs particularly hands and feet a theater fee will be discussed to patient in advance.

Full payment of your account at time of consultation is required and appreciated by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. We can lodge your Medicare claim electronically and your rebate is paid into your bank account within three days.

Seeing Your Doctor

Consultations are by appointment; however, urgent medical problems can be seen quickly with the next available doctor.

• To help us keep to our schedule:
• Advise us if you need extra time for a longer appointment
• Phone ahead if time is a concern
• Phone us if you are unable to attend, we appreciate it!
• Make a separate appointment if more than one person is seeing the doctor